The world cannot wait for Christmas. How many days are there left to Christmas? “Christmas” in our local supermarkets, shops and schools have  been going on for weeks now.  Plastic holly, cotton wool snow, the sounds Noddy Holder dementedly yelling: it’s Christmas! All suggests that Christmas is here even if it isn’t.  But for many, it’s all over by Christmas Eve as weary shop assistants take down the Christmas decorations and put up End of Year Sale notices. “Christmas” has been and gone, but this is Christmas without a sign of Christ. All this frenetic energy, just for one day.
In the Christian Year Advent comes before Christmas. Advent is a season of penitence and preparation. It is not a warm-up for Christmas, but a season in its own right.
Advent means coming, but it’s no gentle countdown to the birth of the Christ Child. It’s the Second Coming that Advent celebrates. It’s about heaven and hell, death and judgement (the four Last Things). Nothing cute about this. Advent is about waiting, longing for, yearning for, expecting Jesus with joy when he comes in glory. It’s a time to ponder and reflect on the end of time and the Day of the Lord. That end of the world scenario may be our very own call to God. How prepared are we for that? It may be the thoughts of how responsible are we to our fellow human and the creatures who share this fragile planet with us? One day, this world will end, but how do we act accordingly? Do we attend to the needs of the weakest or merely focus on our greed?  So we look over and beyond to the Second Coming before we celebrate the First Coming. The unlit candles on our Advent wreath remind us that we are watching and waiting.

So before you are so bogged down with the artificiality of the commercial season, why not stop during this busy time and come and be quiet before God?  St Crispin’s will be having its usual 10am Sunday Mass during Advent followed by a seasonal film.

Wednesday at 12pm we meet for a quiet service of about 20 minutes followed by tea and toast.


Saturday 17th December at 4pm There is Carols with Santa. A collection will be taken for Water Aid.

Saturday 24th December at 4pm We will be hosting our Christingle Service.

Saturday 24th December    8pm The First Mass of the Nativity – a lovely time of peace and joy.

Sunday 25th December 10am Parish Mass & Junior Church.  This will be a wonderful occasion to thank God for the Gift of His Son born as a helpless babe. Make this a time of joy and noise bring your children and babies and let’s praise the Lord.
May God bless you all richly during Advent and Christmas

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  1. Ian Fair says:

    A good article. I was particularly struck by the description of shop assistants taking down the decorations on Christmas Eve and therefore missing it.

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