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Forward in Faith logoSt Crispin’s is part of the Church of England, and we also belong to a network of Anglo Catholic parishes, all of which come under the umbrella of ‘Forward in Faith’.  Forward in Faith UK was founded in November 1992. Its members are to be found in all parts of the British Isles, as well as in mainland Europe.

Local FiF organisations are active throughout England and Scotland as well as in the Diocese of Gibraltar, which has parishes throughout Europe. FiF members in Wales are part of Forward in Faith Wales ~ Credo Cymru. Several hundred parishes are also FiF Registered Parishes.

Mission Statement of Forward in Faith

  • We Affirm the Faith of the Church as revealed in Scripture and Tradition;
  • We Proclaim our Faith through the Creeds, the Sacraments and the apostolic ministry of bishops and priests of the Universal Church;
  • We seek a Guaranteed Ecclesial Structure in which we can pass the Faith on to our children and grandchildren;
  • We have a vision for Unity and Truth and we are going Forward in Faith.

Why Forward in Faith exists
Forward in Faith is a worldwide association of Anglicans who are unable in conscience to accept the ordination of women as priests or as bishops. Forward in Faith is opposed to the ordination of women to the priesthood and the episcopate for three simple reasons:

  1. It is a practice contrary to the scriptures as they have been consistently interpreted by the two thousand year tradition of the churches of both East and West.
  2. We hold that the ordination of women by individual provinces of the Anglican Communion, without inter-provincial agreement or consensus, is a schismatic act, impairing communion between provinces by subverting the interchangeability and mutual recognition of orders between them.
  3. Mindful of the unity for which Our Lord prayed on the night before he died, we are bound to repudiate an action which has willfully placed a new and serious obstacle in the way of reconciliation and full visible unity between Anglicans and the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches

To find out more, visit the Forward in Faith website

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